Thousands witness Cauvery Theerthodbhava at Talakaveri


Thousands of devotees from Kodagu, Mysuru, Mandya, Kerala and Tamil Nadu gathered at Talakaveri in Kodagu on the intervening night of Oct. 17 and Oct. 18 to witness the Cauvery Theerthodbhava amid the chanting of mantras and other religious rituals.

The holy event occurred precisely at 1.26 am, one minute before the scheduled time of 1.27 am, in the auspicious Karkataka Lagna at the foothills of Brahmagiri within the Holy Brahma Kundike, considered to be the source of the River Cauvery. The Goddess manifested herself in the form of water and bestowed her blessings.

It is believed that Goddess Cauvery emerges as a fountainhead where water gushes forth from the Brahma Kundike. Over 10 priests chanted Vedic hymns before sprinkling holy water on the devotees.

Despite the late hour and the cold weather, devotees fervently chanted “Govinda,” “Mother Cauvery,” and “Jai Cauvery” as they received her blessings. The cold night failed to dampen their spirits and the atmosphere was electric.

While thick clouds and winds loomed over Talakaveri since afternoon with predictions of heavy rain, the climate remained favourable, with only a brief drizzle.

A team of priests, led by Raviraj Achar and Gururaj Achar, conducted rituals from 6.30 am to 10.30 pm. The final stage of rituals commenced at 10 pm and concluded shortly before the sacred occurrence.

As water bubbled up in the Brahma Kundike, filled with flowers, kumkum and vermillion, priests sprinkled water on the devotees who chanted “Govinda, Govinda,” seeking the blessings of the Goddess.

As the countdown to Theerthodbhava began, thousands of devotees flocked to the temple. With each passing minute, their numbers swelled.

As Theerthodbhava was about to happen, groups of devotees, one after the other, broke through the Police barricades and marched to the sacred pond, displaying their devotion.

Madikeri MLA Mantar Gowda with Virajpet MLA A S Ponnanna and Coorg MP Pratap Simha


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