Coorg Vinegar(Kachampuli)

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The quintessential – Coorg Vinegar(Kachampuli).

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Coorg vinegar(Kachampuli) is a thick & dark vinegar extracted from the fruit which belongs to the Garcinia Cambogia – Garcinia gummi-gutta family.
Since time immemorial Coorgi(Kodava) people have been extracting vinegar from Garcinia Cambogia fruit through a old time tested process of harvesting the fruit, extracting the juice, fermenting, decocting & filtering.

Kachampuli is used in many vegetarian and non-veg dishes native to the region as a souring agent and preservative. We source our Kachampuli from the best farms in Coorg, is pure and not adulterated or diluted.

It takes 10 liters of Gracinia Cambogia’s fruit juice to produce approximately 750 ml of Kachampuli. The process is laborious and requires precision and patience to get the final product.

Properly processed Kachampuli will have a liquid consistency(similar to soya sauce, but a bit thicker), is very dark in color – with a tinge of burgundy shade, has fruity notes, is very sour.


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3 reviews for Coorg Vinegar(Kachampuli)

  1. Avatar

    Pradeep Sarkar

    Extremely fine consistency. I noticed not only sour, it does have a fruity taste too.

  2. Avatar

    Priya Banerji

    Loved it. Goes very well with fish. Even tried with dal and it was good. Portion has to be taken in account as it is very sour. Make sure to use teaspoon full instead of tablespoon. Increase or decrease as per taste.

  3. Avatar

    Ashok Gupta

    Superfast delivery. Got it next day and the consistency is just as shown in the video. Thanks.

    • Veena Changappa

      Veena Changappa (verified owner)

      Dear Mr.Gupta, Thank you for the review.
      As your address was in Bangalore, you got it delivered, next day. Next day delivery is only available for Bangalore. For other cities in India, it will take 5 to 7 working days.
      Veena Changappa

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