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Is this a joke ? Someone with Organisation called Akrama-Sakrama Samiti is accusing the environmentalists of wrong doing ? What the hell is this Akrama – Sakrama samiti about, legalizing illegal encroachments?

It should be the pride of Kodagu if UNESCO notifys the wildlife sanctuaries as World Hertiage site. Someone needs to complain to the center about the activities of people like Ravi Kushalappa.


Preposterous stand taken by Mr.Ravi Kushalappa and the BJP in Kodagu.
I regret voting for the BJP in Coorg.
I have a question for Mr.Ravi Kushalappa. How will declaring the wildlife sanctuaries as World Heritage site effect the people of Coorg ?. Do they stay in the wildlife sanctuaries ?. Or does Mr.Kushalappa under the aegis of his organisation the Akrama-Sakrama samiti is trying to encroach the land of the sanctuaries and get them legalized under the Akrama-Sakrama scheme ????


Environmentalists have become a punching bag of these goonda politicians and Horata samitis of Coorg. In the name of development they are trying to fool the public in Coorg.


These guys did not even let them have food.
And we in Coorg pride ourselves are being hospitable and friendly people. It is disgusting to know how the IUCN officials were treated in Coorg. Uncondonable………

Where were the police I ask ?


Did not let them have food? That is Kodava hospitality goon style.


As a kodava i feel ashamed at the behavior of these organisations.
You have missed one point here in your report. The Kodagu Coffee Planters Association was also involved in this shameful act.

[…] Environmentalists from different organisations have come together on a common forum to clear the air on UNESCO World Heritage Site after the fiasco during the visit of the IUCN officials. […]


Dear All,

Its our sincere concern to conserve the nature in Coorg. For instance, any geographical area with natural resource is a wealth to a country. Its not only the concern of an organization or a committee to conserve. Saving nature should be the natural attitude and perspective of every human being living in the surrounding. UNESCO, recognition is an esteemed consideration of the rich natural heritage of Coorg.

a hearty congratulations for the Coorg.com for publishing a knowledgeable peace of information for the readers.