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Q 1. Who can submit posts to ?
A 1. Anyone.

Q2. What kind of posts are allowed ?
A2. Anything worthwhile and concerning Coorg is allowed. Please note that reserve the right to publish the post or not.

Q3.What kind of posts are NOT Allowed ?
A3. Anything of a personal nature targeting an individual, a community or a group,  abusive, derogatory, racist, and slanderous are not allowed. Please submit only original articles and provide credits and links wherever necessary.

Q4.Do I have to use my real name while submitting the posts?
A5.No, it is not mandatory. If you are not comfortable with using your real name, you can use a psedonym/pen name.

Q6.Once submitted to, do i have to forego the rights to my posts ?
A6.No. But, by submitting your posts to, you agree that the copyrights of the post/s will be shared between and you(the post Author).

By submitting your content to, you agree that:  We reserve the right to edit the post and also reserve to the right to publish or not publish the post that has been submitted.  We also reserve the right to delete the post. If you have been provided Author Access – to login and post content and comments, we accept our Authors to judiciously use the same and not indulge in anything mentioned in the A3. We also reserve the right to revoke Author Access.

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