Womens empowerment Or A woman’s power ?

Image: Not Actual. For Representation Only – © Andrew Kudrin

 By: Air Marshal( Retd) K.C. Cariappa

A few nights ago what could have been a horrendous crime took place in a somewhat isolated home a few kilometers from Kushalnagar township.

It was about 8.45 pm when someone knocked at the front door and called out to the ‘master’ of the house who unthinkingly opened the door without verifying who it was. This was against established practice in their home. Perhaps he did so because he recognized the voice! In fact, the lady of the house who was in the kitchen at the time shouted out to her husband not to open the door. However, too late as ensuing events proved.

A masked felon brandishing a large knife, typically one used by those who harvest coconuts had entered the house. He assaulted the gentleman who had at first bodily confronted him by attempting to blind him with red-chilly powder and then pushed him to the floor. Hearing the commotion his wife came running to the front door to find a frightening scene with her husband lying on the floor and a lot of red (what she thought to be blood), on the floor. A glass-topped table had been shattered and also the knick-knacks that were normally placed on it strewn about. She feared the worst. So, unmindful of her personal safety, she attacked the intruder by grabbing the blade of the knife with her left hand and simultaneously tried to force him out of the house. In the process her hands were badly cut, but this did not deter her and she continued to attack the assailant who then turned his attention to her and attempted to push her into an adjacent room to get her out of the way. During the ensuing melee, the couple shouted out to whomsoever they thought would hear them. At this the intruder fled thinking that the domestic help at home would come to their rescue and that the police would soon follow.

All that happened subsequently was routine with the police from Kushalnagar arriving to investigate the happenings.

There is no doubt, however, that the intrepidity of this 72 year (young woman) saved her husband’s life. Surely, this act of courage is worthy of recognition by State authority. The felon may have come to only intimidate the house-owner with no intention to cause either, bodily harm or worse. But, who is to say how he would have reacted if he felt threatened by his identity being revealed?

Incidentally, I am happy to say that there was no damage to the husband’s eyes. Today, they are both recovering with bruises and scars from the traumatic events of that evening. There is a lesson in this for all to heed. NEVER allow entry into a house without verifying the identity of the person at the door.

Courtesy: Coffeeland News



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Horrifying story,thank you Air Marshal for letting everyone know,it makes one wonder what is the law&order situation coming to, in Coorg.

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