Wildlife First alleges illegal works taken up at Nagarahole Forest


Wildlife First President K.M. Chinnappa has alleged that illegal works are taken up at Nagarahole Reserve Forest.

He has stated that earth-moving machines were being used to level the sides of the safari route at Nagarahole Reserve Forest, which was in gross violation of the Wildlife Act.

Addressing the students during the slide show programme on wildlife conservation at Lions First Grade College in Gonikoppal, he said that the Forest officials, keeping aside the Wildlife Act and other Forest Rules were leveling either sides of the safari route and Virajpet-Mysuru Main Road at Nagarahole and Anechowcur Wildlife Zones by 30 mts using the earth-moving machines to bring down trees and plants.

Only works pertaining to ‘Fire lines’ could be taken up at reserve forests as per the Wildlife Act, he added.

Stating that grassland was necessary to animals like deer and other herbivorous wild animals, he regretted that grassland and plants were being levelled using earth-moving machines depriving the animals of their food. Chinnappa said that a complaint against Hunsur Conservator of Forests has been given through Wildlife First to the Chief Conservator of Forests and stopped the works.

Continuing, he said that Hunsur officials were constructing a Check Dam with Rs.1 crore grant from a Bengaluru-based company, which is also against the Wildlife Act and added that there is enough water for the wild animals at Nagarahole besides stating if fire is prevented during summer, the ground water level would increase.

Stating that fire incidents in Bandipur and Nagarahole Forests were increasing as the Forest Department were not taking strict action against those setting fire in forests, he said that this was resulting in wild animals straying out of forests and entering human habitats.

Lions First Grade College Principal Pavithra Chinnappa, Lions High School Head Mistress A.B. Akkamma and others were present.

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