What objections does K G Bopaiah have against Eco Sensitive Zone in Coorg ?

Karan Muthanna
ESZ Zones in Western Ghats as per Draft Notification 3072(E) dated 6 July 2022. 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 56 & 57 fall under Coorg.

I am also trying to figure out. The Virajpet MLA had written a letter to Mr. Bhupendra Yadav, Minister for ENVIRONMENT, FOREST & CLIMATE CHANGE and the minister has responded
stating that “Bopaiah’s objections to the draft notification have been noted and views of the state government will be taken into account before finalizing the draft notification.”

Supreme Court has held that every national park(NP)/wildlife sanctuary(WLS) should have a Eco Sensitive Zone(ESZ) of minimum 1 km, where certain development activities which are harmful for the survival of the WLS and NP will be prohibited.

But SC has provided some leeway after some states, notably Kerala which is vehemently opposing the 1 KM radius, where nearly all the surroundings of the NP and WLS have been swamped with human population. The leeway for reduction of such ESZ will be on the grounds of ‘overwhelming public interest”.

I have not noticed any huge opposition from the general public to the ESZ in Coorg, hardly anyone has come out on the streets to protest. But it seems Bopaiah wants to go the Kerala way and get the ESZ buffer zone diluted.

Bopaiah told Hindustan Times:

They have made concessions in Kerala and we will also make similar provisions to safeguard forests in our state. These regulations will hurt us and the economy badly.

WESTERN GHATS ESZ DRAFT Notification 3072(E) – 6th July 2022


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Well said Karan, The USP of Kodagu is it’s nature n we must protect it, the act is not restricting our coffee estates, or other small commercial activities, what it restricts is factories n large commercial activities which is any way what the locals are not looking for. We Kodavas worship our ancestors, our land n nature . This is what we should protect.

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