There is tremendous pressure from the Centre to accomplish the project : D K Shivakumar

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As per the map supplied by CWS, the trees were to be felled within the designated area(within pink lines). According to the GIS Survey the trees have been felled in other areas(demarcated by the yellow lines). PGCIL is still in denial and say they have not done so.

By K K Aiyamma

There is tremendous pressure from the Centre to accomplish the project and it is more important from the energy security of the state in future.

That is what the Karantaka State Power Minister, D K Shivakumar told Bangalore Mirror. If true, then it seems that Modi’s govt wants to see this project through at any cost.

The story in Bangalore Mirror, states that:

While the Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) continued to maintain only 2,247 trees will be cut, deputy conservator of forests, Virajpet, has submitted an affidavit before the Green Tribunal in Chennai that a total of 21,000 trees will be felled along the alignment line proposed by PGCIL. However, activists who have trekked the entire stretch using GPS coordinates argue that not less than 55,000 trees, both in private areas and on forest land, will face the axe.

To note is, that the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (APCCF)’s report had mentioned that PGCIL has indeed chopped down more trees than permitted.

The news story further states that:

Activists and the people of Kodagu have been urging both the state, centre and PGCIL to reconsider their proposal of laying a transmission line through the evergreen forests. “There is already an existing line between Mysore and Kozhikode passing through D B Kuppe and H D Kote. The PGCIL can consider the same stretch or they can consider the route suggested by Coorg Wildlife Society, which passes through a limited stretch of forest land. The PGCIL has in fact laid underground transmission lines in Navi Mumbai and Gujarat with an intention of not affecting migratory birds.

If the allegation of being ” tremendously pressurized” by Central Govt is true, then the current Central Government does not think that what was good for Gujarat’s ecology is good for Coorg’s. The Karnataka State Govt committee says that laying underground cables will escalate the the cost by 20 fold or more.

So, it is better to raze down trees in the reserve forests,  pass it through National Parks &  Elephant habitats, when it comes to Coorg ?

Dasara is a big ticket festival of Mysore, Everyone in Karnataka is proud about it.  The elephants are the star attraction and flaunted with pomp and grandeur.

“Drona” the star of the Dasara, met his death due to the gird wire. Expect more to die like Drona in future.

For the full story by Niranjan Kaggere, Click here

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Apart from trees getting cut there is another threat. Lantana; lantana requires light. The minute trees get cut, lantana will start in the corridor and slowly start spreading in a healthy forest

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