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sannu kalaiah mallangada

pray kaveramme to bless you for a very succussful career,give you enough courage & strength.coorg is proud of you.wish you all the best.


hello this is suresh kunjambu,working at uae
as an accountant I would like to comment on our district its already had the beautifull name called Scotland of India. well I great full to the lady one who took great post and already there our people in diffence so this will atatche our coorg district and nation more strength I pray our God Kaveriyamm to give her strength and prosperity.

Priya Kuttappa

All the best………..

santhosh palanganda

its nc to know we hav a lady SI in coorg.kaveramma will bless u in every steps.good luck.. :em69:

Beena monnappa

Hi. really im proud of you. all the best for your bright future

Geetha Uthappa

Good luck!!!

well done keep it upppp

Take care of coorg.Ltcol Ganga Dutta Chandigarh,Punjab.