1. Arun June 14, 2014 at 8:32 am .

    coorg route also has difficult forest cover and requires new line from krishnarajanagara. to kasargod which requires ~200km new line. Nilambur route requires only 137 km new line from Nanajangud to nilambur. It can catter to both routes from south and north side of kerala. Please think raationally

  2. sajith balachandran July 26, 2014 at 8:51 pm .

    A railway line from Thalassery to Mysore passing through coorg will benefit the farmers as well as the large plantations. The farm produce (like coffee, spices,flowers,herbs etc) can be transported by rail and exported through the new International airport coming up at Kannur as well as through the Azhikal port. I do not think there is much forest cover in this route (can be verified using google maps) when compared to the proposed Nanjangud-Nilambur railway line which has to pass through wildlife sanctuaries like Bandipur for which getting environmental clearance is nearly impossible. I do not think that a railway line will damage the ecosystem of coorg. The people of Coorg will have access to the outside world and tourism sector will get a boost. A railway line passing through this region is essential when you see the bad condition of roads in this region. The railways had made a survey earlier according to which the distance was found to be around 250 Km but the actual road distance being aroung 140 km.

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