Saritha Poonacha

Sarita Poonacha to approach Human Rights Commission

Sarita Poonacha has decided to file a complaint with Human Rights & Women’s Rights commission against the repeated humiliation that she has been endured to face from her political colleagues in Coorg. Read More


CP(M) to Govt – Coorg needs agriculture not tourism

Lay more stress on Agriculture, Not tourism
Criticizing the govt move to develop tourism in Coorg, the secretary of the CPI(M), I.R. Durgaprasad called upon MP A H Vishwanath to lay more stress on developing agriculture in the district by providing better produce prices and sops to agriculturists in the disctrict. Read More


Speaker’s tirade at ZP meeting results in tears

TP President Sarita Poonacha breaks down during the meeting. The Karnataka Assembly Speaker K.G. Bopaiah is accused of making derogatory comments against her during the meeting.

The monthly review meet of the ZP ended in chaos when the TP President  of Virajpet Saritha Poonacha was heckled out of the meeting in tears. Read More