P T Bopanna

P.T. Bopanna’s new book released

The newly released book ‘Dateline Coorg’ is a compilation of articles on Kodagu (Coorg) written by senior journalist P.T. Bopanna over the last two decades.
The success of his last book ‘Rise and Fall of the Coorg State’, which went into a reprint within two months of its release, prompted him to bring out ‘Dateline Coorg’. Read More


The Jamma Land Issue and Insights

As the Jamma Land issue and rights over it is being raked up again, Journalist P T Bopanna throws some insights about the whole Jamma Land issue in Coorg [1. Whose land is it anyway? P.T.Bopanna, Deccan Herald 2011.] . Includes  history, sucessive rulers stand and the current government and land holders tussle. Read More