Manjunath Annigeri

Crime increases and Cops decrease

When Appachu Rajan asked the Superintendent of Police Manjunath Annigeri, the reason for the increase in criminal cases in Coorg, the SP had a googly waiting for the minister. The SP told the minister that; 79 constables have been transferred  out of Coorg and 27 more have applied to be transferred out of Coorg. There is a shortage of 100 constables in Coorg, he told the minister. Read More


DC: Expedite land allotment to Ex-servicemen

Chairman of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement Board, and Deputy Commissioner, Kodagu (D.C.) A. N. Gowda,  directed the three Tashildars of the district to submit the final report on the sanction of lands to Ex-serviceman by November 22nd 2010.
Presiding over the Ex-servicemen’s adalat here he informed that there were 109 cases pertaining to the Ex-servicemen’s land allotment. Read More