Kaveri Ponnapa

Interview with Kaveri Ponnapa, author of the book The Vanishing Kodavas

Brief Summary
Wherever they came from, the Kodavas decided to stop and make their home in the rugged hills of Kodagu, or Coorg. The land of Kodagu, with its wild, beautiful hills, streams, dense forests, abundant wildlife and flora, and the source of the river Kaveri was home to the Kodavas, as well as a number of forest-dwelling tribes, since time immemorial. Read More


Preview: The Vanishing Kodavas

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A significant part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be contributed to the Coorg Education Fund.
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The book will also be available from 1st October at the following book shop:
Strand Book Stall ( Mumbai )
‘Dhannur’, Sir P.M. Road, Fort,
Mumbai 400 001. Read More