Elephant declared India’s Heritage Animal

The Govt of India has declared the elephant as India’s national heritage animal, by doing so establishing the elephants importance in India over the centuries.
The minister for environment, Mr.Jairam Ramesh had stated that;
The elephants have been a part of Indian culture since ages and there was a need to accord the status to the animal. Read More


Give farmers permission to shoot rogue elephants – MCN

Speaking during the zero hour in the Legislative Council,  M.C. Nanaiah requested the  Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, that permission be granted  to shoot rogue elephants. The CM inhis reply said that  shooting  rogue elephants is not the solution to the problem, instead , they would be radio-collared and translocated. Read More


Another Elephant dies at Dubare

This is the fourth elephant which has died under unknown circumstances at Dubare.

Lambodhara who was captured in 2008 died under mysterious circumstances in Dubare Elephant camp. This is the fourth reported death of a captured elephant. Lambodhara, the unfortunate pachyderm was found dead in the jungle when it was let out to feed. Read More