Eco Sensitive Zones

Save Cauvery, Save Kodagu And Save Ourselves

By Col. (Retd.) C.P. Muthanna
Kodagu landscape is dominated by forests, coffee estates, paddy fields, sacred groves, rivers and streams. It is inhabited by a number of local communities who are like animals in the forests and just as these animals they too will disappear if forests are destroyed. This is because these communities are very small in number and Kodagu is their only real home. Read More


CWS reiterates its request to declare Coorg as Eco-Sensitive Zone

By K K Aiyamma
Taking note of the urbanization leading to sweeping changes in the landscape of Coorg (which forms a part of Western Ghats) –  Coorg Wildlife Society has reiterated their request to declare Coorg as eco-sensitive zone.
According to the report in Deccan Herald, the president of the Society, Col.(Retd) C.P. Read More


Rally against Kasturirangan Report. Have our leaders mislead us ?

By T.C.Thimmaiah
The rally jointly organised by all the political parties, to oppose the Kasturirangan Committee report (K Report) at Madikeri on 2-1-2015 was indeed a success if we go by the numerical strength it attracted.

The leaders who spoke there got thunderous applause from the gathering. Read More


State Govt forms a new committee to identify Eco-Sensitive Zones

According to the report in Deccan Herald, under the order of High level Working Group of Western Ghats (HLWG), the state govt has formed a new committee to identify and re-recommended listing of areas under the Eco-Sensitive Zones or Eco-Sensitive Areas(ESA).
The report has to be submitted within 60 days. The committee with tour all the districts which come under Western Ghats in Karnataka. Read More