Dodda Virarajendra

The Sleeping Kings

Doddavirarajendra, the most famous of the Haleri rulers of Coorg chose his final resting place on a leveled hilltop at the northern end of Madikeri town. Enclosed by high mud embankments, is a pair of elegant tombs, known as Gaddige, amongst the most memorable monuments in Coorg. Read More


A Romance In The Forest

The Marriage Pavilion of Doddavirarajendra and Mahadevamma
Doddavirarajendra, the swashbuckling 18th century Rajah of Coorg was the most famous ruler of this tiny, erstwhile kingdom. Read More


Nalaknad Palace

Image:By Hitha Nanjappa via Wikimedia Commons
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Some interesting facts about Nalaknad Place.

The palace was built to commemorate Dodda Virarajendra’s victory against Tipu Sultan in 1792. Dodda Viraraja was the ally of the British in the war against Tippu. Read More