Coorg Infrastructure

Do we need a Railway Line or Good Roads ?

By K K Aiyamma
Firstly let me Congratulate the Voters in Coorg for choosing Pratap Simha and Simha for winning. Coorg saw a 71.94 % turnout during the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and I am sure most of the votes from Coorg went to Pratap’s kitty.  The Narendra Modi Govt has won this election on the development plank. Read More


Is it only me ?

Image: Mohan Devaiah
By: Kalengada Machaiah
I will be turning 30 in a couple of months from now and as I am getting older, there is this frustration that is building up in me on the state of affairs in Coorg. Its been 7 months since I moved to the neighbouring state of Kerala and besides the guilt of not making it home often enough (3 trips in 7 months is not something to be proud of). Read More