Basavaraj Bommai

Free electricity for up to 10HP Pumpsets for coffee planters

The demand of planters for free electricity to them has been agreed to by CM Bommai. Planters were  a dejected lot, as their demand was overlooked in the recent budget. But once the demand was again raised by Madikeri MLA Appachu Ranjan in the zero hour of the legislative session few days back, and after subsequent discussions, CM Bommai consented to the demand. Read More


CNC alleges the Dam is on the cards

The convenor of the C.N.C. N.U. Nachappa Codava has urged  the Governor of Karnataka, through a letter to cancel the mischievous Konganapole river project in South Coorg. N.U. Read More


CNC agitates against Govt plans to change the course of Kongana

Govt denies there is any such plan.  CNC alleges that Govt is trying to fool the public.

The CNC (Codava National Council) has launched an agitation against the Govt plan to divert the “Kongana River in Coorg to Bangalore city”. Read More