Akhila Kodava Samaj

Akhila Kodava Samaja appeals not wear Kodava traditional garb for political events

Akhila Kodava Samaja appeals not to trivialize tradition to appease politicians
Madikeri: The Akhila Kodava Samaja has unanimously decided not to use the Kodava traditional garb to appease any political party and not wear it to any event that is political or have any connection to politics. Read More


Akhila Kodava Samaj to adopt wait and watch policy over Jamma issue

The Akhila Kodava Samaj at its annual general body meeting in Virajpet has decided to convene a public meeting to elicit views on the Jamma Bane issue. The Samaja’s  President M.C. Monnappa was of the opinion that the State Government should not take any decision in  haste. Read More