A K Subbaiah

Govt to Center & UNESCO: Development in Western Ghats will take precedence over Conservation

This monkey does not like it. Lion Tailed Macaque is one of endangered species found in Western Ghats.
Image:By Kalyanvarma via Wikimedia Commons
The State Govt has decided to reject the proposal of UNESCO to allow certain contagious areas in Western Ghats to be nominated as UNESCO World Heritage site.  The state govt is going to write to the center refusing UNESCO the permission for the same. Read More


KGB : Jamma Bane issue – A collective response needed

KGB refutes allegations that he is trying to advice the Govt to do away with the Jamma Land tenure in Coorg.

Assembly Speaker and Virajpet MLA K.G. Bopaiah alleged that certain vested interests were spreading rumours and attempting to tarnish his image. Read More


A K Subbaiah to take on environmentalists

A. K. Subbaiah has alleged that the former conservator of forests  Kodagu Circle K. B. Markandeya has issued a  mischievous circular with regard to Jamma Bane lands  due to pressure of pseudo environmentalists of the district. Read More


A K Subbaiah hails Governor’s decision

A.K. Subbaiah welcomed the decision of Governor H. R. Bharadhwaj, who sent the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill to the President of India for verification. “It is commendable that the Governor has responded to the protests against the Bill. It has been decided to send a delegation to the President of India and demand the intervention of Supreme Court,”. Read More