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MA Deviah

This is a very well thought out article. Like-minded Kodavas should get together to oppose politicians and mafia who are getting together, spreading falsehood with the objective of looting the district’s natural resources.

K R Rajashekhar

Nice article. Tells us simply how politicians and Timber lobby along with Land, Stone quarry and Sand mafia misguide people to enhance their ends. All people who love Kodagu SHOULD read. Rajashekhar

Bhavan Bopanna

This article tells us the unity we have in Coorg. People started selling their own land just for a high profile life. I mean buying a Duster or BMW and enjoy their royal identity in Society. As we are an nature worshiper just feels proud to say so, But still have an doubt on my mind does ? Coming generations would be able to see all this heavenly place ? Not only Kodavas all people who love & live in Coorg should oppose.

jaison sunny

The kasturi rangan report should be implemented in coorg for the benefit of native planters and farmers.we have to protect the nature otherwise in some years we may not able to grow coffee here because of the weather change.


This is only way to save coorg..