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Rajesh K M
6 years ago

This initiative to clean the river is really great. But there is a much more important point. She has always been worshipped without a physical form, as mother nature, as a river goddess. Now it is very shocking to see that at the bridge in Kushalnagar there is black statue with fierce eyes, depicting Kaveramme. This looks more like Kali or Durga and has nothing to do with our traditional worship. If this the way forward, then the way Kaveri has been worshipped for generations by the people of Coorg, will been soon forgotten. The sanctity of Kaveramme in Kodagu… Read more »

6 years ago

Our political representatives need to clean up their act soon ,failing which Goddess Cauvery will be remembered as a hideous statue rather than a river that is the giver of life and a river that sustains farmers across three states.”Jago kodagu Jago”.

Hiran Gowda
6 years ago

Maintain it please. Forever.