Portraits of Coorg Royalty – Lingarajendra II ?, The Daughter-in-Law & The Grandson

Lingarajendra – King of Coorg ( 1811-1820 )

The above mentioned portrait is claimed to be of Linga Rajendra II(as inscribed), who’s rule started from 1810 and ended with his death in 1820. But, this sketch was made on 1830, after his death. So, this cannot be Linga Rajendra II, as he was dead and gone before the portrait was made in 1830. This most probably is the portrait of his son Chikka Veera Rajendra who ruled from 1820 till 1834.

LIngarajendra II usurped the throne on which his brother Dodda Veera Rajendra’s daughter who’s son was to be installed after coming of age. In the meantime, the Raja of Soonda, the husband of Devammaji was to govern Coorg.  Lingaraja II made a request to the Coorg Chiefs for allowing him to rule till his nephew came of age, and the request was denied. He was eventually installed on the throne by and influential Dewan(Minsiter of the Court) Chowrira Appanna, who prevailed upon the Kodava Chiefs to allow Lingarajendra II to rule. He later fell out with Chowrira Appanna and had the Dewan killed and Chowrira clansmen executed.

Rani Mudai of Coorg
Rani Mudia of Coorg. Wife of Chikka Veera Rajendra ( Son of Lingarajendra).
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Prince Somashekara of Coorg. The eldest son of Chikka Veera Rajendra.
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London
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Cdr madanda a somana

This collection is awesome ! Interesting. Wish to know more and add photos to my collection.
Thank you for educating me.

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