Padi Igguthappa Temple gets a grand entrance gate


The grand entrance gate at the Padi Igguthappa Temple in Kakkabbe, constructed at a cost of Rs. 12 lakh, was inaugurated by former Kodagu District Minister M.R. Seetharam. The event took place yesterday, and the funding for the gate was generously provided by Seetharam’s family.

Speaking on the occasion, Seetharam said that the gate’s construction and inauguration were made possible by the blessings of Lord Igguthappa. He highlighted that it was his family’s desire to contribute to this endeavour.

Seetharam also mentioned that the concrete road leading to the temple, built earlier for the convenience of devotees, still requires some finishing touches in the middle section, which will be completed in the near future.

Seetharam and his family received praise from both the Temple Committee and devotees for their generous donation towards this noble cause.

Among those present were President of Akhila Kodava Samaja and Temple Devathakka Parandanda Suman Kaverappa, President of the Devotees’ Group Kandanda Joyappa, Kaddaniyanda Harish Bopanna, Seetharam’s wife Shrithi Seetharam, children Raksha Ramayya, Sundar Ram, Lalitha Nandakumar and Kaliyanda Harry Mandanna, Parandanda Dolly, Bachamanda Poovanna, Lava Chinnappa, Kaliyanda Sampan Aiyappa, Pandanda Naresh, Bidatanda Thammaiah, Temple Parupathedara Paradanda Prince Thammaiah and Revenue Supervisor Ravikumar.

On this occasion, Seetharam contributed by performing rituals including the ‘Thula Bhara’ ceremony, adhering to the temple’s procedures. The rituals were carried out under the guidance of temple priests Kushabhat, Jagadish, and Shreekant.

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