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A rail link from Mysore to Kushalnagar is absolutely essential coz for one it will ease the burden on the road network and will ensure faster connectivity to Mysore & Bangalore.Secondly the land required for a railway line is far lesser than a 4 lane highway.

Sundar Muthanna

Pramod, once a railway line reaches Kushalnagar, it will definitely make its way to Kerala through Coorg’s already depleted forests. This will reduce the rain attracting and water retention capacity of the forests which feed Mysore and Bangalore. Railway stations, staff quarters, other infrastructure will take away green cover and put a burden on water supply. Coorg’s ecology cannot handle it, it is not robust enough. Step back and notice how every political leader works against the ecology and against local sentiments. Ask why.

Janardhan T S

Those who doesn’t want railway line, they must travel from Banglore to Virapet during late night.
Kushalnagara road is quite best compared to Gonikoppal road, But It is regtratable that all the raid/rail projects are on the developed area, not on underdeveloped one. Bloody project leads.


We are into hospitality business. We will definitely have more tourists to Coorg if we have trains. But let’s not make Coorg another Utharkand. I feel the region can’t sustain a sudden development unless its sustainable and aligned with the ecosystem. Let’s not forget, Coorg hasn’t seen much rain in June this year — climate change already ?