MLC Candidates file nomination and declare assets. Suja is the richest.

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Suja Kushalappa
Suja Kushalappa

All 3 candidates, Suja Kushalappa, Dr.Mantar Gowda & H U Isaq have filed their nominations and declared their assets. Suja was the first to reach DC’s office in the morning and file his nomination, with MP Pratap Simha and his brother, the sitting Madikeri MLA Appachu Ranjan & Virajpet MLA K G Bopaiah accompanying him.

Dr.Mantar Gowda and H U Isaq filed their nominations in the afternoon. Dr. Mantar was accompanied by MLC Veena Achaiah, District Congress Committee president Dharmaja Uttappa and well known advocate HS Chandramouli. Dr.Mantar Gowda is a congress candidate and H U Isaq is a JDS one.

The DC was a surprised to to see Dr.Mantar Gowda’s name in H U Isaq’s affidavit.
It was learnt that both the Congress and JDS candidate had got their affidavits prepared by the same lawyer at Hassan and the typist erred, while copy-pasting the content.
A fresh affidavit was filed by both of them before 3.00 PM

Suja is the wealthiest among the lot. His combined assets add up to Rs 26.22 crore. His wife has assets worth Rs 11.27 crore.
His liability stands at 4.77 crore and his wife’s 17.59 lakh.

Dr.Mantar Gowda has assets worth 94 lakh. His wife has assets worth 2.95 crore.

H U Isaq’s assets look like chump change when compared with the BJP and the Congress candidate. Isaq has assets worth  Rs 1,05,000 Lakh and his wife Fouziya has assets worth 3.57 lakhs, with 1 lakh of liabilities. Both, Dr.Mantar Gowda & Suja Kushalappa have filed their Income Tax Return for Financial Year 2020-2021. H U Isaq last filed ITR in FY 2015-2016 . H U Isaq alias Isaq/Isaac Khan was arrested in June this year for assaulting an Indian Army soldier and his family.

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