MCN: Solve Pending Issues of Kodagu

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Urges CM to not pay lip service.

Madikeri : MLC M.C. Nanaiah addressed a press conference in Madikeri and urged  the Chief Minister to convene a high-level meeting of people’s representatives to solve the contentious issues plaguing the District.

Nanaiah, who addressed the media recently, released a copy of his letter to the Chief Minister which listed the four major issues that needed immediate attention-wild elephant menace, felling of trees, withdrawal of circular on Jamma land and erratic power cuts. Nanaiah stated that  the Chief Minister had replied to the  issues he raised in the Legislative Council, but nothing seems  to have been done as  the problems continue.

M C Nanaiah was critcal of the Govt ignoring the issues affecting Coorg
M C Nanaiah was critcal of the Govt ignoring the issues affecting Coorg

Nanaiah felt that inspite of  raising vital issues the wild elephant menace continues unabated.He was very critical of    K.B. Markendeya, former conservator of forests of Kodagu circle, who had  written a objectionable letter  to the DC stating that   the “Jamma” lands which were converted into agricultural lands was violation of the Karnataka Land Regulations Act, 1964, Nanaiah was of the opinion that since the issue was   decided in 1996 by the State Cabinet and a circular was sent to the then DC to act upon the cabinet decision, the conservator of forests has no power to advice  the DC. Nanaiah urged the  DC to ignore  the letter.

Nanaiah also urged the Chief Minister not  to resort  to  power cuts in Kodagu  since  there are no big industries or business establishments and power consumption is at a minimum.

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