Star of Mysore | (KBM& NMG)- The Coffee Board had estimated that the coffee yield in Kodagu for the year 2006-07 may reach 1,13,375 metric tons. This would be 10,165 metric tons more than last year.
The main commercial crop of the District, coffee has been rejuvenating the growers since the past two years with adequate yield. Kodagu grows more than 32 per cent of the coffee in the country which is 2.94 lakh tons. The suitable soil and adequate rains make Kodagu coffee best in quality and hence it has its own place in the market.
Kodagu has 99,475 hectares of coffee plantation out of which 93,980 hectares are yielding coffee at present. Arabica coffee is grown in 25,480 hectares and Robusta grows in 68,500 hectares. There are 39,858 small growers and 440 persons with large plantations in Kodagu.
Last year, the yield was 1,03,210 metric tons of which 21,010 metric tons was Arabica and 82,200 metric tons was Robusta. This year the yield is expected to be 22,225 metric tons of Arabica and 91,150 metric tons of Robusta, according to the survey undertaken by the Coffee Board during blossoming.
Out of the total coffee output in the country only 27.2 per cent (80,000 tons) is used indigenously and the rest is exported.

As the price of coffee fluctuates in the international market the growers face difficulties.Two years ago the coffee price reached the rock bottom. At present, the prices are good and the growers are heaving a sigh of relief.

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