KARNATAKA’S 3 CROPS GET GI CERTIFICATION (orange of Coorg, Beetle vine of Mysore and plantains of Nanjangud will get Intellectual Property Rights)

Three crops in Karnataka have received Geographical Indication Registration (GI) certificate.

Orange crops in Coorg, Beetle vine of Mysore and plantains of Nanjangud will enjoy the Intellectual Property Rights, which identifies a product as originating from a specific region. The certification will also prevent exploitation of these crops, as the growers will have the ownership. The Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka, will function as facilitator and assist in the maintenance of yield, extending disease control support, providing quality planting material and disbursement of funds for crop development.
It will also offer technical support and bear about 50 percent of infrastructure development cost. The National Horticulture Board (NHB) has sanctioned Rs7.5 lakhs for the promotion of Coorg oranges. NHB is expected to fund the other two crops also.
Source: TMCnet

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Iif i am not wrong, the production has been affected since ages,due to some decease.


God only knows what is happening with the Rs7.5 lakhs for the promotion of Coorg Oranges.


Nanjangud bananas are my favourite. I think it is called Elachi Kelas. You dont get them, here in the north.