Karnataka & Kerala Govt meet and discuss the development of alternative routes, after the ban by Supreme Court. Most of them will pass through Coorg. Some through protected reserves.

According to a report in The Hindu, Kerala and Karnataka govt are discussing “alternative routes” for inter-state traffic between Kerala and Karnataka. The alternative routes proposed are Mysore-Gonikoppa-Kutta-Kolpet, Mysore-Bavali-Manandavadi, Mysore-Virajpet-Kannur and via Mysore-Bylukuppe-Iritti, most of them pass through Coorg, some through protected reserves.

“Officers and engineers were working on the proposal” the report mentions.  The move comes after the Karnataka High Court banned vehicular traffic between Karnataka & Kerala state, during the night, through Bandipur National Park. The traffic through Bandipur had caused loss of wildlife through road kills and the Karnataka Govt had imposed a ban. Traders from Kerala opposed the ban and it was lifted under pressure. The case then went to High Court and the ban was upheld.

The Kerala Govt is challenging the High Court Order in Supreme Court and the Kerala CM Mr. Chandy hopes that “the Karnataka Govt will “positively respond to their application before the Supreme Court”.

Karnataka Govt had filed an affidavit before the High Court supporting the ban. The Karnataka CM said that it would not be possible for his govt to change its stand. But, he will explore “other possibilities” for the Inter-State Vehicular moment. The Govt has also set aside Rs 49 crore for the same and it will be utilized after consensus on the routes is achieved between the states.

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This will be a disaster to coorg.