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Congratulations on your book! Where can I buy a copy?

Kaveri Ponnapa

Thank you! You can order The Vanishing Kodavas on this website. Just go to the preview of the book featured on this site at:
Click on the purchase link and follow the instructions.
Best wishes.

Rina Mandanna

Motivates me to reach out to the youth of Coorg to read this master piece and to carry forward the richness of coorg in terms of its tradition, dances, music, and culture as a participant rather than an observer .

Kaveri Ponnapa

Thank you for writing in, Rina, and like you, I hope that the beautiful traditions of Coorg will survive for many generations to come.


Hi Kaveri,
Hearty Congratulations on the launch of your book ‘The Vanishing Kodavas’! I’m sure it will unearth a treasure for everyone who belongs to and loves the land of Coorg/Kodagu. The 15 years of research and hard work that you put into it and your brilliant writing, will make us doubly proud of our heritage and keep future generations enthralled. So looking forward to reading it. Wishing you the very best. Much love, Priya

Kaveri Ponnapa

Hi Priya, thanks so much for taking the time to write in, and for your good wishes.I hope you love the book as much as I loved writing it, it was the most unforgettable journey.

Kaveri Ponnapa

I forgot to add that you can preview the book on

Aslesha Madappa

As a Kodavathi and like you, traveled all over, seen so many cultures and enjoyed knowing each one, I am extremely proud of Kodavas. My parents also wrote a book on the Origin of Kodavas since they found similarities between Kodavas and people in various places in North India where they visited. As you say, the origin has been spoken of so many times and many theories presented. The need of the hour is to conserve what culture we have, which is so very unique and wonderful! Congrats again on your work & I will now try & buy it… Read more »

Kaveri Ponnapa

Thanks very much for the good wishes, Aslesha. I have read your parents’ book many times over the years,in which they have given a whole chapter of practical suggestions for keeping Kodava culture alive,suggestions that still hold good today. Ultimately, as they have wisely said,”The future of the Kodavas rests mainly with themselves”.I hope you enjoy the book. Best wishes,

Anju Ganpathy

Hi Kaveri, Though i have just read the preview of the book and excerpts of your interview with Nalini Menon, i am already curious to read the book at the earliest !. I truly believe that your investment of 15 years will go a long way to create awareness amongst the younger generation to genuinely appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Coorg and work towards saving it from “Vanishing”. I am sure it is a masterpiece and a must read for all Kodavas and especially the youth – as you have said in one of your comments ” the future… Read more »

Kaveri Ponnapa

Anju, thank you very much for your good wishes, and for having taken the time to share your thoughts. Like you, I also hope that the book inspires young people to carry on some of our most beautiful and meaningful traditions. I hope that you have been able to order the book
, and that you will enjoy reading it. All good wishes.

Wendell Rodricks

The Vanishing Kodavas is not merely a book. It is tribute of love to a legacy and ancestry of a people who have contributed to the rich diversity of peoples that populate India. Shrouded in mystery, folklore and history, this passionate work of Kaveri Ponnapa will serve for present and future generations of Coorgs to appreciate, study and reflect on the wealth of their heritage. The Vanishing Kodavas is truly a gem for posterity!

Kaveri Ponnapa

Thank you, Wendell Rodricks,for having read the book, enjoyed it,and shared your experience here.

Naren Thimmaiah

I was a privileged participant when the book was launched in Madikeri and it was very touching to witness the pride with which the guests (essentially people from the book) spoke about the making of the book. A true reflection that The Vanishing Kodavas is the story of the Kodava people. My brothers and I attend all the important festivals every year at our village, although we see very few examples of continued participation in such events, especially by youngsters. It is important that we all act to revive and protect our culture.


The kodavas are ethnically linked to Tamils.This fact can be substantiated by their festivals like Devath parambu,alphabets having similiarity with Tamil.In ancient Tamil literature it is mentioned that Kodavas guarded Tirupati temple.

Angela Muthana

I have just read Kaveri’s book, ‘The Vanishing Kodavas’ with great interest. I feel it captures the essence of Kodava culture and the nature of the quite beautiful, wild and undulating land of Kodagu, upon which these most distinctive people have left their indelible mark. The history of Kodagu and its people has at last been set to right, having so often in the past been either misrepresented or poorly and superficially recorded by those with little or no empathy. The compelling combination of detailed but eminently readable text with superb photographs makes the book hard to put down. Thank… Read more »