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Aiyappa KM
10 years ago

What can one expect if a tainted judge like Dinakaran has to preside over the issue. God only know if he has got some kickbacks from Bhorukha Power in this case.

Ravi Muthanna
10 years ago

These private hydel companies are just on to a money making venture at the expense of local ecology.I want to know if in case the project comes up at madikeri, will madikeri or any other part of Coorg benifit ? For example: I dont think Kodagu gets any electricity from the Harangi Dam, even though the dam is in Coorg. This project may end up benifiting bangalore and mysore only. We still shall have to live with the usual 4 hours of electricity a day. It just not worth supporting such projects.

Ankit Achaya
10 years ago

Ravi Muthanna: r.muthanna

We need to depend on our own resources for power generation. Depening on the govt is not going to help. The Dharmastala Project is one of the good oppurtunity for people of Coorg to take advantage of the resources available with them and create their own mini hydel projects. Bhorukha Power and the likes of them should not be let to step foot in Coorg. More information can be found at the link below.

10 years ago

Indeed. If the local population is not helped, there lies no moral in tapping the natural resources of that area to satisfy other regions. At the same time, why is the Govt not looking at other alternative solutions? Why hydel in the middle of a reserve forest of all the places!? Corporates have no social and environmental responsibility!

Ravi AK
10 years ago

@Muthanna. I dont think it is easy to depend on our own resources. How can a small time coffee planter ever think of affording the costs that are invovled in tapping the natural resources in his farm and implement it. The Govt has to provide support for the same, then only it is possible. The Dharmastala Project is a good one, but if we have to pay from our pockets for the costs involved to set it up in our backyard, many will think twice for sure.