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I dont understand, how they get permission to conduct these events in between a RF area.

Thankfully, and understandably it is not held in reserve forest area, I and am sure we SHOULD not even think of conducting a hi octane music festival in such a place. It is happening near to Thadiandamol, its not that close. This is happening in a place where civilization is present. But still, knowing Coorg, you will agree that any place in Coorg is amidst mother nature! We respect mother nature and we promise we would not do anything that would hurt nature. on the contrary we will do a lot of activities to increase the awareness about nature and… Read more »

Hi Sunil, Thanks for commenting here and to clear the air. All the best with Storm Festival. 🙂

Machaiah. K. A

First of all, it is not a head banging Festival. I would really appreciate if you get your facts right.
Storm Festival is a 2 day camp out Music Festival. It is not a rave nor is it a Hard Rock Music Festival. It is just a clean Music Festival and is being held in a private property in Napoklu and not in Tadiandamol.
All permissions fromall authprities concerned is bring procured. The organisers of the Festival are from Coorg and understand and Storm Festival is a plastic free Festival.
Please visit the site http://www.stormfestivalindia.com for more details