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Ritu Sharma

Do Coorgis use guns in their weddings ?


No. Guns are NOT allowed in the weddings. There is no custom of carrying or using guns in Coorg(Kodava) weddings.

Sunil Nadar

A lot of misinformation online about the importance of gun in Kodava culture and traditions.

I read at TOI that Coorgi were hunters and that’s why it was given to them as a “right”. And I was like, what nonsense ?. If that be the thing, then every hunting community in India should have the same privilege. Link – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/kodavas-rally-to-protect-185-year-old-gun-right/articleshow/70719115.cms

A bit of googling bought me to this article and now I understand why it is an integral part of Coorg culture.

Tinku Sharma

I agree. Total if not great misinformation. Seems some of their own are shooting their mouth off.

“In 1861, the British administrators granted Kodavas an exemption from the Arms Act, for their support to the East India Company in administrative and military affairs.”
Plus some tiger shooting stuff.
Scroll – https://scroll.in/magazine/816012/in-the-hills-of-coorg-a-martial-tribe-celebrates-an-annual-festival-with-worship-of-guns

“No sense of their real history and origin of their traditions.”

Maybe because of these loud mouth, limelight seeking coorgis, other coorgis will have to dig their own grave and loose their cultural right.

Disclaimer: My grandmother was a Coorgie. I mean no disrespect or offence.