Driver through Coorg on a misty morning


Coorg is only accessible by roads. Coorg is well connected through Bangalore, Mysore & Mangalore. Roads connecting to Coorg from Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore are usually in good shape. During monsoon, if there is heavy rains, the the road connecting from Mangalore is in bad shape. The best road connectivity to Coorg would be from Bangalore or Mysore. The is no rail or air connectivity to Coorg.


From Bangalore City Center, the distance to the center of Coorg or any other place in Coorg by road is not more than 280 kilometers approximately. If one is travelling from Bangalore Airport to Coorg, the distance would be approximately around 300 kilometers.


WEEKDAYS: On weekdays(Monday to Thursday) the traffic on toll-roads and other highways connecting Coorg to Bangalore is less, so one should be able to reach Coorg from Bangalore by road during weekdays within 5 hours, depending on the number of stopovers on the way.

WEEKENDS: On weekends(Friday to Saturday) the traffic on toll-roads and other highways connecting Coorg to Bangalore is more, so during weekends it would take around 6 hours, depending on the number on stop-overs on the way.[/learn_more]

AIRPORT: There is not airport or air connectivity to Coorg. A Bangalore based company, HeliTaxxi was offering helicopter shuttle to Coorg, but the cost was substantial & it has been temporarily discontinued. There is a plan to build a mini airport near Kushalnagar.

RAILWAY STATION: Currently there is none. The Government of Karnataka & Ministry of Railways has a plan to build a railway station till Kushalnagar town at Coorg, but the locals and environmentalists are opposing the same as the the railway lines pass through forests and elephant corridors, which will harm the environment and will increase the already troublesome Man-Elephant Conflict in Coorg.

BUS: The four primary bus stands in Coorg are Madikeri, Virajpet, Gonikoppa & Kushalnagar. If you are taking a bus to Coorg, make sure to take an early morning or a later time bus from Bangalore to Coorg, the reason being that most of the homestays and hotels have a Check-In time of 12.00 Noon or later. If you take a late night bus from Bangalore to Coorg, then you will land in Coorg during the wee hours of Morning. At such an early hour, you may not find the local rickshaws or taxis present there and you may end up bidding your time at the bus stand. If you plan to arrive early morning to Coorg, make sure you speak to your accommodation provider about early morning Check-In and transportation options. In most of the homestays, early morning Check-In is not entertained because the homestays function on a tiny staff, and the owner and staff are taking rest or pre-occupied with other chores in the morning. In Hotels, early morning Check-In maybe allowed, depending on the availability of Rooms for that date and may cost extra.
Bus Tickets to Coorg can be booked through the Govt’s KSRTC Website.

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