Coffee reduces risk of pancreatitis

LIVERPOOL, England, March 13 (UPI) — Scientists at the University of Liverpool say they have figured out how coffee reduces the risk of alcohol-induced pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis, which can cause severe abdominal pain, is often triggered by alcohol consumption which causes digestive enzymes to digest part of the pancreas, researchers said.

Professors Ole Petersen and Robert Sutton, from the university’s Physiological Laboratory and Division of Surgery, found that cells in the pancreas can be damaged by products of alcohol and fat formed in the pancreas when oxygen levels in the organ are low. Under these conditions, excessive amounts of calcium are released from stores within the cells of the pancreas. The excess calcium then activates protein breakdown, destroying the cells in the pancreas.

The researchers said caffeine can partially close special channels within cells, reducing to some extent the damaging effects of alcohol products on the pancreas.

Source : United Press International(UPI)

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