Coffee really is a quick fix

By Sam Lister Daily Post Staff

AFTER one too many tipples the night before, a big pot of coffee is the hangover cure favoured by many.
But it seems craving a caffeine fix can actually help repair some of the damage caused by having too much to drink.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have discovered how coffee can reduce the risk of pancreatitis, which causes the pancreas to swell up and leads to severe stomach pain in sufferers.

Professor Ole Petersen and Professor Robert Sutton, from the university’s physiological laboratory and division of surgery, knew there was a link between coffee and improvements in pancreas problems, but have now found how it works. Prof Petersen said: “Calcium is stored in cells and ordinarily the cell would pump out what is not required.”

He said alcohol consumption meant the cells released more calcium than normal, but could not dispose of it in the way they normally would. “But alcohol consumption means the cell releases more than they usually would and they cannot dispose of it of it in they way they normally would. It’s a double whammy,” he said.

Source: icliverpool

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