Coffee Planter Fires In The Air; Saves Man From Tusker Attack


Coorg (Pollibetta): A farmer heroically saved a man from a wild elephant attack by firing gunshots in the air at Pollibetta in Virajpet Taluk last night. The incident occurred when Chandra, a motorist, was on his way home near the Lourdes Hill Convent School on Siddapura Road and was attacked by the elephant, resulting in serious injuries.

Chandra was initially treated at Pollibetta Hospital and later shifted to Coorg District Hospital in Madikeri for further care. The attack happened last night when Chandra was riding a two-wheeler to his home and was ambushed by the wild tusker. In his attempt to escape, a terrorised Chandra abandoned his bike and broke through the gate of a farmhouse, only to be attacked again.

Coffee planter Kuttanda Shyam Somanna, who lived on his farm nearby, heard the screaming sound of a man and rushed to the scene. As a precaution, he had taken his licensed gun with him. Despite pelting stones at the elephant, the animal remained unmoved and was trumpeting. Somanna then fired gunshots in the air, which finally scared off the elephant, which stormed into a coffee estate.

Shyam then informed the family of the injured Chandra and he was quickly taken to the hospital. Deputy Range Forest Officer Srinivas and his staff later visited him at the hospital.

This morning, farmers again spotted the tusker foraging inside the coffee plantation. Forest Department officials quickly arrived to chase away the elephant. The situation has led to growing frustration among locals.

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