CM Yeddyurappa said ‘Bane’ is ‘Encroached Land”

CC Staff

According the report in The Hindu, CM Yeddyurappa, during his recent visit to Kodagu, seems to have opined that Bane land is encroached land.  In short, if he ever meant that, he means that “Bane land is Goverment Property”. The news report further reads that

Some persons inimical to the interests of Kodagu had fed Mr. Yeddyurappa with wrong information on Bane lands.

If that is so, then… there are politicians or bureaucrats in the Karnataka Goverment who want to deprive the Kodava people and other indigenous communities in Kodagu over their rights to the bane lands.

The news report also speaks about the ever dragging issue of General K.S. Thimayya Memorial at Sunnyside(his home), at Madikeri. Deccan Herald reports that Transport Minister R.Ashok has assured that order to shift RTO office will be passed immediately.  He also assured that the Karnataka Government is serious about solving the Jamma Bane issue and lamented that the issue got stuck because of Home Minister Dr V S Acharya and Minister for Primary & Secondary Education, Kageri Vishweshwar Hegde barging in with their demands at the precise moment – when CM Yeddyurappa was going to make an announcement to resolve the issue in Kodagu.

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