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7 years ago

Hi, You are absolutely right. Land grabers or so called Devils in the form of Gods. They are not intrested in the upliftment, they are only concerned about them selves. They would not grab private lands” but would only pass a resolution/ammendment” in the parliment and convert it to government land, simple. If they were so concerned about upliftment what is that they have done these many years to uplift the people of coorg. They would do only one thing, that is what they have done to Bangalore today, “Garden City to Garbage city”. These people also state that they… Read more »

7 years ago

The people who were opposing these meet were right.

6 years ago

Yes coorg should be made into a industrialist hub then only infrastructure will be on par with other cities. We will also offer many job opportunities and help trade and commerce flourish as we will be spending several crores for setting up business