Another Elephant dies at Dubare

CC Staff

This is the fourth elephant which has died under unknown circumstances at Dubare.

Lambodhara was found dead in Dubare forest.
Lambodhara was found dead in Dubare camp under suspicious circumstances.

Lambodhara who was captured in 2008 died under mysterious circumstances in Dubare Elephant camp. This is the fourth reported death of a captured elephant. Lambodhara, the unfortunate pachyderm was found dead in the jungle when it was let out to feed. Sources have told CLN that personal rivalary among Mahouts allegedly leads one group to poison the other groups elephants, and since an unusually high elephant mortality rate among captured elephants has been reported recently, nearly four succumbing to mysterious ailments, it is high time the senior officials of the Forest  department conduct a detailed enquiry into the mysterious deaths of the elephants and come out with the truth about what ails the Dubare elephant camp.

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