Ajai Appachu: The first Indian to Qualify and the first Indian to reach semi-finals at World Jumping Finals

CC Staff
Ajai Appachu(right) with his coach Major(retd) J S Ahluwalia . Image Credits: 1sthorse.com

Ajai Appachu, the  equestrian  is literally – Riding High!  If being the first Indian to qualify for the FEI World Jumping Challenge was not enough, Appachu became the first Indian to reach the semi-finals at the World Jumping Finals.

Appachu told SportStar;

“Most riders were surprised to see such high standards from India. Many of them came to Major Ahluwalia for tips on technique and other aspects, and even enquired about coming to India for training,”.

He and his coach had a lot to reminisce after their successful  participation. For more click here.

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